As we approach the 2020 census and the potential that Oregon’s population growth will result in the addition of a sixth congressional district, we need to make sure the process for drawing new district boundaries is fair.

The Redistricting Matters Coalition is proposing a statewide ballot initiative for Oregon’s November 2020 General Election. At its simplest, this initiative would change the way legislative and congressional districts are drawn by creating an independent citizen redistricting commission comprised of Oregon voters, rather than partisan politicians.

We believe Oregon voters should choose their representatives—representatives should not choose their voters.

Our diverse coalition has come together from all party affiliations, income levels, backgrounds, identities, and all corners of Oregon to rally for equal, fair and transparent representation at the state and congressional level. We represent hundreds of thousands of Oregonians who believe we deserve the best possible representative government produced through a fair, unbiased and transparent process—and we’re working hard to make that happen.

We hope you will join our efforts today to bring a cleaner, clearer process to this system in November of 2020.