There are many good things about the redistricting process in Oregon, but there is also lots of room for improvement. Here are just some of the reform options that would make our system less susceptible to abuse and unrepresentative distortions.

Who draws the lines

  • Create an independent commission to perform the redistricting process
  • Set a more neutral backup than the partisan Secretary of State
  • Establish a neutral court to handle legal challenges related to redistricting (end court shopping)

Where to draw the lines

  • Stop prison populations from distorting redistricting
  • Add a criteria to promote partisan fairness and competitive districts

Transparency and public participation

  • Codify into law a requirement to hold at least 10 field hearings
  • Codify into law a requirement to hold at least 5 hearings on draft maps
  • Improve participation in future census boundary block suggestion programs
  • End the “wink and a nod” use of political data behind closed doors

Close loopholes and clarify requirements

  • Specify that redistricting can only occur in the year following the census
  • Provide opportunities for review by county election administrators
  • Create an ongoing redistricting task force
  • Clarify current law on post-redistricting congressional special elections
  • Clarify the timeline for congressional redistricting